Welcome to Dub Empire!

Dub Empire’s main goal when it was first created, and still to this day, is to bring all European car enthusiasts together no matter what make or model you own. We give you an inside look into the lives of enthusiasts and their vehicles. On top of that, we provide you with media coverage of local and over seas shows, quality builds of any and all European cars, and allow people from across the globe to see what other enthusiasts have given their blood sweat and tears to produce. The European car community is a close nit community that is basically a family of other enthusiast, although it doesn’t receive as much praise as it should. We want to give YOU the credit where it’s due, and showcase YOUR hard work. No matter if its a rat rodded Euro, slammed via coils or bags, or just a straight up racecar. This is the place for you.


To provide media coverage of European automotive events, while being a movement to strengthen the European automotive community.


Any business and advertising related questions should be emailed to advertise@dubempireco.com.