Canibeat “First Class Fitment” 5 – Princeton, New Jersey

As I sat on the couch the thought of spending more money on gas and taking the chance of my car not making the journey to First Class Fitment, the day started rough say to say the least. I jumped on Instagram, and already First Class Fitment pictures were already popping up on my feed. I sat there not wanting go, then out of no where I get a fire under my ass to grab my camera bag, to quit being a baby and get on the road. I got all my things together and set off, still not entirely convinced, but I already had a ticket, why not right?

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Self Made – Jason’s E30 325is

What was the goal when the build first started / what first inspired your build?

The whole goal of the build was for me to have a car that I could do whatever I wanted with. I didn’t want any limitations or restrictions set by my parents, which would’ve happened if I kept the car that they had given me. So I found a solution to my problem on Craigslist. $300 later I had a  ’87 325is with a few hundred thousand miles that hadn’t been run or driven in over a decade. My end game was to learn how to do anything and everything I wanted to do to the car, and that’s kind of what ended up happening.

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Audizine Audirama Caravan – Sonoma, California

“Founded back in the later half of 2001, Audizine has gone through some pretty major changes over the years. One thing has always remained constant though, the fact that it’s run by true enthusiasts with a genuine love for the brand and for automobiles in general. Created out of the desire to see a friendly and interesting community of enthusiasts that were much like ourselves. This could very well be the reason we’re still here today.” – Audizine Admin Team

My cousin and I attended the Audirama Caravan Rally last month in celebration of Audizine’s 13th anniversary. The day consisted of a caravan from the Mazda Laguna Raceway up to the Sonoma Raceway (also known as Sears Point or Infineon Raceway). It included beautiful sights as we cruised up the coast of Northern California on Highway 1 and stopped at the multiple checkpoints along the way. Then it concluded with a couple of parade laps at Sonoma Raceway.

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