Toyo Tires x Super Street Calendar Lunch & Car Meet – Costa Mesa, California

When Toyo Tires and Super Street team up you get pure class. On January 30th a lunch/meet was held at Bohen Autohaus facility where you found nothing but cars that you dream of seeing and/or have only seen on the inter-web. It brought an entire variety of cars but like always, we focused on the European goodies and boy did it not disappoint.

Edit 1-0580 Edit 1-0596 Edit 1-0613

RWB Los Angeles was in full effect and this 964 grabbed out attention.

Edit 1-0838Edit 1-0834

Boden Autohaus very own B8 Audi A4 All-Road sitting on Rotiform MLW.

Edit 1-0841

And you can’t forget their Audi R8!

Edit 1-0859 Edit 1-0865

Something you don’t see every day!

Edit 1-0706 Edit 1-0712 Edit 1-0733

If you haven’t noticed by now, it was RWB heaven.

Edit 1-0802 Edit 1-0868 Edit 1-0875 Edit 1-0892 Edit 1-0896 Edit 1-0905 Edit 1-0907


Photos by Ayrton Cinco  @mynameisayrt0n

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@mynameisayrt0n –Ayrton Cinco

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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