FixxFest 12 – Bradenton, Florida

As the year comes to an end, it’s just the beginning for Florida’s car scene. We bring in the season with Simply Clean over in Daytona Beach. Tons of cars of every make and model flood the streets and beaches of the East coast for the weekend. The weekend following Simply Clean is the event all of us European enthusiast are prepping for – FixxFest; presented by UroTuning.


Every year, mid November, European enthusiasts make their way down to Bradenton for a day with friends – consuming tons of booze and pie, checking out the vendors, watching the drag races, and packing all of your friends – even strangers – in your car for the low limbo contest.

IMG_7058 IMG_7115 IMG_7173

Like any car show, you spend months, weeks, days and even up to the very last hours prepping for the show. Some spend all off season tucked in their garage building their cars and use this event, the first European show of the season, to showcase their money pit. Walking the show field, and even general European parking, the hard work and dedication by our fellow enthusiasts is definitely shown throughout.

eIMG_1372-23 eIMG_1514-41 eIMG_1343-18

 I think the best part of any car show is who you spend it with. Many of us travel hundreds to even thousands of miles for shows – a few of my friends from up north flew down for the event! Being able to hangout with those who you don’t get to see often makes the weekend really enjoyable. It’s always a good time to be had with good company.

FixxFest 12-2164-71IMG_8340

 What really makes FixxFest unique is that it’s located at a drag strip! For several hours, cars and bikes just roast tires up and down the strip. Some cars pushing 9 second times! A specific car that really stood out, to me, was Javi Rodriguez’s E92 335i. It’s pushing 550whp and 600tq on stock turbos. It has a 50 shot of nitrous for the launch. The car is still on full chassis but the inside is completely gutted. It has all bolt-ons including a down pipe, charge pipe, 800hp rate inter-cooler, and it also runs on race fuel. Unfortunately,  the transmission gave out on a launch and couldn’t make a good run but that doesn’t mean he won’t be running next year! I am eager to see what he brings.


FixxFest has definitely grown over the last few years. Although this was my second year attending, I can honestly say the event itself has grown tremendously as well as the number of attendees. The event welcomes all ages – including the furry ones! It’s so rad seeing kids so hyped on all of these “cool cars”. It just goes to show that your hard work is appreciated among all generations.

FixxFest 12-2021-32

Trey came rolling in with style, with his Volkswagen Thing, that is.


After a day full of car show shenanigans, it’s time to line up for judging. The moment everyone has been waiting for – to claim that awesome FixxFest beer stein! Congratulations to all that placed, it was very well deserved!

FixxFest 12-2442-149

Our great friend Rafael took first place in the MK3 category, job well done!

FixxFest 12-2038-37

Justin took best MK4 GTI/Golf; we are loving his new set-up!


Amanda took best MK4 Jetta; showing us ladies how to do it!


Here we have Mario who took home two trophies, one for best CC and the other for best trunk set up.

FixxFest 12-2255-110 FixxFest 12-2261-112

Now this one was right on the money, Zach took home best other Euro and best wheels.


Well, that’s a wrap y’all! The show season is only beginning and we hope to see you out at the next big European event, Euro Tripper 4 at Jet Blue Park (Ft. Myers, Florida) on February 6th, 2016.

Words by Skyelar Pifer

Photos by Skyelar Pifer, Elisabeth Danger, Tyler Nelson, George Malioras

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographers:


@skyefye – Skyelar Pifer

@elisabethdanger – Elisabeth Danger

@tnelson89 – Tyler Nelson

@stancyvw – George Malioras

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