First Class Fitment 2015 – Princeton, New Jersey

Now in its fifth installment, the Canibeat crew have created an event that everyone in the community looks forward to be a part of every October. The event is located at the Princeton airport, and the set up is in the perfect location to show case your latest build and for photographers to catch some amazing photographs. First Class Fitment is pure of “Quality over Quantity” machines, a motto we strongly follow.


While we solely contribute to the European automotive community, this does not stop us from going to events that catered to every automotive community. At the end of the day we have one thing in common, we bleed gas, love metal and burn rubber!

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First Class Fitment brings out the best of the best from every make and model, with no lapses from the ones that we love the most. In attendance were some of the best Volkswagen’s we  know of including some that we have not seen before, but surely caught our eyes.

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One key piece to having a quality event, that is required in order to be successful is organization. Something that the staff at First Class Fitment did not lack any of. All the hard work that was put into the event by Canibeat was easily seen. From how easy they made it for attendees to come in and park, to the media being able to capture quality work, and much more.

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Tom’s beautiful MK1 Rabbit, that to no ones surprise, took Best Euro!

22288825413_c7d0bfcf8d_o-45 22288870743_924702e69b_o-37

Of course Kyle turned up with his MKIII’s fine ass! We have always been a fan of his well built MKIII GTI. Rumor has it that over this winter it’s getting a full make over. Wonder what he has in-store for us!


With pleasure we would like the thank the Canibeat crew for giving the community an event to always look forward to and enjoy. Until next time!


Words by Alexander Martinez @guzzzam

Photos by Chris Lunau

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@ceelunau– Chris Lunau

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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