Players 9 – North Weald, Essex

Now how do I sum this event up in under 1000 words? No, this isn’t a school assignment, but Players 9 felt like an educational show! And how do I find a way to begin this one?


Well I guess it starts with rolling my car down my road to avoid waking my family up, followed by a 50 mile drive up to the show while hopping into a 40+ car convoy! So the day had an awesome vibe from the get go.

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Rolling into the show is hard to summarize in its own right. I thought I had seen what I believed to be some of the highest of the highest quality builds in the country, but clearly I was wrong with what awaited me in the hangers and even into the general car park. With everything from MK1-7’s, some lowriders and even things which weirdly caught my eye such as a MK1 Ford Escort.


Being what possibly is the last and largest show of the year, it was crowded with people from all over the country. It was great to put names to faces and cars to owners. I even managed to bump into our good friend Ivan over on the Rollhard stand! Which really did grab me by surprise to see him there.


What I enjoyed most about Players this year was that it was much more of an all types show this year than it was last year, mainly due to its growing popularity. Which did make for a very nice day to see how the non-VAG community does things, but that doesn’t mean that the show wasn’t dominated by the Germans.


I guess it now comes down to trying to admit to what was my favorite cars of the show. This is always a hard part for me and I’m glad I never have to even judge a show. Personally though, I have to give it to Beinn and his MK2F Polo as it really gives me something to look up to with my build. As well as Jack’s spotless and OEM’d out MK2 Golf which I just can’t begin to describe (if you’re reading this Jack, we want to do a feature!).


As as for me, that’s the end of my show season here in the UK. It’s one that I’ve really enjoyed and I’ve got more involved in this year. I can only anxiously await to see next years big trends and hard hitters in the scene, believe me I’d like to be one of them but it’s not financially possible at the moment. But I will still be bringing you features of some of the top builds here in the UK over the winter!


Words by Samm Smith @sammjoey

Photos by Samm Smith

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@sammjoey – Samm Smith

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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