Clean Culture x CamberGang SoFlo Show Down – West Palm, Florida

On August 23rd Clean Culture and CamberGang gathered Florida’s finest and created an event were everyone can come and view a magnanimous mixture of vehicles. It was a great time for us to head south and enjoy the beautiful city of West Palm, and also see the European Automotive Community in SoFlo. We were very impressed with the quality from all makes and models that attended the event, but especially from the European portion.


Mr. Stancy himself cruised with us on the way down to West Palm Beach.


And would yah just look at who we found, Rafael with his MK3 Harlequin that was freshly shipped from Puerto Rico. You may remember this car from a previous article we had on him and the car around 2 months ago.

IMG_6923-2 IMG_6927-4 IMG_6935-5

Ismael keeping it nice and clean with his MKIV Jetta. Even though they may not be our favorite generation in the Jetta, he sure made us reconsider.

IMG_6937-6 IMG_6940-7 IMG_6953-8

Remy’s beautiul second generation Passat CC sitting on Rotiform IND-T.


Cloud9AB had a great line-up of cars, with a couple of 964’s, a 993, and more.

IMG_6983-15 IMG_6990-16IMG_7011-19IMG_6996-17

I remember drooling over Jonnie’s B5 Passat with all the amazing work done to it. To then sadly find out it burned down a couple of days later. Our heart goes out to him but we’re sure he will come out bigger and better!

IMG_7019-21 IMG_7023-22 IMG_7030-23

The MK3 Gang was in full effect with Omar coming out in his super clean early MK3 Jetta.


To put this to an end, a big high five to Clean Culture and CamberGang for hosting an event dead in the middle of a Florida Summer. We are very glad you hosted an indoor/outdoor event which gave everyone the time to cool down inside. Because let me tell you, that sun was leaking emissions worse than a 2015 TDI.


Words by Alexander Martinez

Photos by Alexander Martinez

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@guzzzam – Alexander Martinez

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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