Low Collective 2015 – Ipswich, Suffolk

As show season draws to a close in the UK, we think we’ve seen all our little Island has to offer for show cars. But of course not everyone wants to drive all over the country every weekend, so for me this was a relief being at a local show. It’s a fun and eye opening season for many, and as some cars didn’t make it to this show because they’re already being tucked up for winter. What I can say is, what a show Low Collective turned out to be!

Sunday September 13th was show day with many people camping the night before (which was a fun night if you was there). As 10am rolled around, and the field began to pack up, it was clear that the level of competition was high. Especially having the guys from Rollhard The Belgium Chapter at the show. As well as some familiar faces and close friends including all of the East Coast Dubs, Low Collect and Dub It crews.


There was some well-deserved show winners on the day of. The top 20 best of show must have been extremely close to call, with Corbyn’s MK1 winning runner up and a rather tasteful Beetle winning best of show. Along with those, there was a trophy that was rather close to the hearts of the East Coast Dubs crew, The Vicky Ellis Trophy. Unfortunately Vicky passed last year at the age of 25 from cancer and as part of her memory Si Watson hand picks the MK2 at the show that Vicky herself would have loved, coincidentally the trophy itself is an outline of the MK2 that she once owned.


If I have to take away anything from this show it’s the full tweed retrim that looked amazing as well as the VW UP! Stance isn’t as deep as having your tyres in your wheel well, it’s about what looks great on the car. My personal favourites from the show have got to be Matty’s Miami Blue MK1, Chris Canham’s MK2 and the Mercedes W201 190E from Only Charged Dubs.

untitled-29untitled-38 untitled-135 untitled-131 untitled-19untitled-98untitled-155untitled-82untitled-47untitled-68

I’d personally like to thank all of the Low Collective team for organizing a great show and weekend and hope we can come back for a potentially bigger show next year! As for UK show coverage from us, It’s Players 9 this week so keep a look out for our live upload coverage over on Instagram!

Words by Sam Smith @sammjoey

Photos by Sam Smith

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@sammjoey – Sam Smith

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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