Alfa X Polo – Sam’s 9N3 GTI

So for our American audience this will take a bit of an explanation. Meet something that you guys wish you had on your side of the pond. The Polo 9N3 GTI, a smaller and lighter little brother to the Golf GTI. Along with that, it’s just as much of a perfect car to drive.

Sams 9n3 GTI-68

After Sam’s last project, a ridiculously static Polo 6N, he decided to stay with the Polo family and give bags a try. I won’t bore you with the regular bags taking a while to get perfectly set up. But it’s now a year since he’s had them and the car is pretty much perfectly in our opinions! So yet again after going out for a shoot with Sam, we sat down to ask him a few questions.

Sams 9n3 GTI-53

Q.What got you into the community?

A.“What got me into the community, at the time I was looking for a new car. My closest friend (almost a second brother) and my little brother both had VW’s and they suggested looking at them so I did… that’s how the 6N happened”.

Sams 9n3 GTI-49

Q.What is it that you like the most about the current state of the community, and what do you hate the most?

A.“My favorite thing about the community is how easy it is to make friends. My Facebook and Instagram are full of people I would have never met without being related to cars and the community. It’s so cool to be able to walk up to somebody you’ve spoken to like one time online, meet them at a show, and have common ground to base a decent conversation. My least favorite thing about the community in the UK is the lack of all make shows. I love cars and not just VW’s. If a car is set up well and looks awesome I don’t really care about what badge is on the front. A cool car is cool. The best thing about all make shows is that I get to cruise to the shows with my little brother (a BMW owner) knowing that when we arrive he won’t be stuck in general parking. Or in a non-VAG section miles away from the VAG show field.

Sams 9n3 GTI-46

Q.What made you choose another Polo after the 6N?

A.“I’m not sure why I went for a polo again in all honesty. I they get stuck in your blood… Especially after spending a while looking for a MK5 GTI for the same price I got a polo with much lower mileage and an engine that people say is bullet proof!”

Sams 9n3 GTI-64

Q.The reason for going air?

A.“The reason I chose to run air was due to the car being a daily so I wanted it practical as possible since I take it everywhere. Also, I liked the idea that the engine could make half decent power so I wanted to be able to make the most of that whilst being able to still have it really low when its at a show”.

Sams 9n3 GTI-70

Q.How did you come about running Alfa Romeo wheels?

A.“The Alfa’s were a lucky find. I was down at Chelmsford Autos having my chassis notch done and the guys that run the Player’s show have a unit near there. So I went to check out the cars up there and whilst looking around I saw them on the floor and asked if I could test fit one on the polo. They let me do so and I instantly loved how they looked. So I asked if they were for sale (if you don’t ask you don’t get). We came to a deal and I went back the next day with my mates and picked them up.”Sams 9n3 GTI-23

Q.Having Alfa Romeo wheels seems quite unique, has it been replicated much in the UK?

A.“There are a few other Polo’s running the Alfa Romeo wheels now. I’m not saying I’m the first as originally there was a red 9N in the scene that ran a 16″ set which I really liked. It’s cool to see other Polo’s running them because they really suit them and don’t cost a house deposit to buy.”

Q.You used to tuck with this, what made you go for the fender to lip fitment?

A.“Originally the car did tuck all round and I still like that look. However after seeing various cars with the arch sat between the lip and the tyre, I just loved how aggressive it looks. So I set about having some custom adapters made up so I could have the same look for the polo.”

Sams 9n3 GTI-28

Q.What’s next for the Polo?

A.“Hmm future for the Polo…I would really like to finally reach stage 2 and get a bit more power. I would also like some new interior bits, and maybe in the distant future a change of color. That probably won’t come for some time, but it’s nice to have something to work towards.”


The details:


2007 Polo GTI


Pipercross filter

Forge 007 recirc valve

Seat sport front mount intercooler

Hardpipe kit made by IWS Developments

Powerflow catback exhuast system

SAI N112 N249 deletes


Mk5 Golf GTI flat bottom steering wheel

Home made V2 pad mount for the center console

Pioneer app radio head-unit.


Jap spec rear bumper

Honeycomb lower front grills

DIY rolled arches


Airlift Performance slam-series front struts

Airlift universal rear bags
Alfa Romeo GTA V6 wheels
TT Tools adapters
Uprated wishbone bushes
Sam would like to thank all of his friends that have helped him work on the Polo, IWS developments for the pipework/intercooler, and Projekthaus for solving the rear bag issues.

Words by Sam Smith @sammjoey

Photos by Sam Smith

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@sammjoey – Sam Smith

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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