Import Alliance – Kentucky Speedway

By now our readers know Dub Empire strictly works with providing media coverage with in the European community. But that doesn’t mean we strictly attend European only events. We are here to give you a birds eye view of anything VAG, anything European, from any event world wide. Corbin is one of our photographers from Kentucky who was able to attend Import Alliance (one of the biggest grassroots motor sports event that takes place in several cities around the United States), and provided us with great footage of all the exquisite European machines that attending this event.

20053473228_7b30dc756f_o 20215270886_e7b2afdca2_o 20241492275_94cf290c46_o 20241537875_fda8b15707_o

Ryan with his simple just yet stunning MK4 Cosmic Green GTI on CCW Classic 5 wheels.


Here is Cameron with his Mercedes W126 560 SEL.

20054938939_f0748910f0_o 20247358361_623c2063d2_o

And there’s no possible way we could forget our great friend Trevor (Rimmy) with his MK2 Scirocco sitting on BBS RS001’s.

19618846344_83e22ed0b0_o 19623670003_6c920c1d7c_o 20053506850_76c1771dc9_o 20215260536_4c4d124005_o 20215291696_de853b338f_o

Corbin has been going to Import Alliance Kentucky for the past couple of years and this has been the best turn out, he states. He, and the rest of us are really excited to see what’s in store for next year.

20233229412_61665a4bc1_o 20233287822_a7b4db8acf_o 20244618825_d83e12fa19_o19620544273_63e5cf4404_o

Import Alliance has four meets per year, one for every season of the year. Head over to to see if there is a meet near you. If you have one near you, make sure to attend one even if it couple of hours away, its an event/meet not to miss.

Photos by Corbin Miranda

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@coooobin – Corbin Miranda

View entire Flickr album, by clicking here.

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