HRE Open House 2015 – Vista, California

Every year for the last five, HRE Performance Wheels has opened up its doors and parking lots to the public for what is one of the most eclectic car gatherings in Southern California. 2015 marked the largest turnout for this event ever, with over 700 vehicles on site (and in the surrounding lots, streets and any imaginable area you could park a car) and nearly 2,000 attendees.

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Alan Peltier, HRE’s President, lead tours throughout the day explaining the forged wheel process from start to finish and also offered some insight on the “how” and “why” behind different wheel designs and materials. Once the tours are wrapped, you could spend at least three hours walking through the sea of modified cars that include everything from Rauh-Welt wide-body clad Porsches to Lamborghini Aventadors equipped with HRE’s latest forged wheels.

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The HRE Open House is proof that car culture is growing from small niche communities, to people just being passionate about the automobile and HRE is one of the few places you can see something like that.

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Photos and words by Diego Bautista | @diegobautista_mk2

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