Volkswagen & Porsche Show 16th – Coamo, Puerto Rico

On the east coast we have SoWo, in Puerto Rico they have this; the biggest VAG only show on the entire island of Puerto Rico. Back on April 26th they had they 16th running of the Volkswagen & Porsche Show in Coamo, Puerto Rico, as small town in the south located east of Ponce. This year they had over 1,500 cars ranging from aircooled to watercooled Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.  Jose Ramos had the pleasure of attending the event and capture some great moments from this great event. If you’re ever in Puerto Rico around this time of year, I would advice to attend this event next year!

IMG_6167-1IMG_6175-2 IMG_6210-7IMG_6228-8 IMG_6230-10 IMG_6234-11 IMG_6236-12 IMG_6242-13 IMG_6256-16 IMG_6278-21 IMG_6280-22 IMG_6284-23 IMG_6291-24 IMG_6339-28 IMG_6342-29 IMG_6360-31 IMG_6373-32 IMG_6387-33IMG_6181-3 IMG_6196-6 IMG_6230-10

Also let’s give a big shout out to our friends over at Euro Crew PR, a great group of friends with the same movement as us, make sure to check them out by clicking here.

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Photos by Jose Ramos @jom_ramos

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@jom_ramos – Jose Ramos

To view entire set of photos please head over to our Flickr set, click here.

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