NuroTag All Stars – Miami, Florida

If you’ve never been to Florida then you need to first understand some things. The more north you go in this state is the more south you get. By the time you hit Central Florida it begins to seem like a cultural hub for all sorts of tropical people. But when you travel more south, it becomes a completely different world. At some point you stop and ask yourself if you’re still within the U.S. I don’t know if its the dragon sized Iguana’s or the vast differences in cultures and people that separates South Florida from the rest of the state. But one thing that does separate it is the car scene that is constantly growing and changing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. One of the biggest shows that originated in the deep south, and has grown leaps and bounds, is NuroTag. And this year, we had the pleasure of being asked to help cover the European portion of the show called, “Euro Corral”.


Saturday April 18th, 2015 was the day of the show, and Florida made sure it was a scorcher outside. At some points we weren’t sure weather it was 8am or 3pm. Either way the sun was literally slapping your ass with fire. By the time we set up our tent, merchandise, and eventually got situated we must’ve lost around 10 pounds of sweat. Luckily as we were sitting down waiting for the show to kick off, we were able to see all the cars roll into the show area. I then began to drool at all of the BMW’s that were being parked across from us at the Morr Wheels booth. After only seeing one M4 in Orlando, then coming down to Miami to see many more along with multiple F80 M3’s really pleased my jimmys. It was actually very interesting seeing how many BMW’s there were, yet so few Audi’s/VW’s/Mercs and other German vehicles. Without a doubt the bimmer folks held down the event.

IMG_5148-16 IMG_5149-17 IMG_5177-22 IMG_5244-30

Now with that said, their were some familiar faces and eye pleasing cars that we were able to see. Chino Nguyen came out with the folks at Morr Wheels in his beautiful BMW 335i, as well as one of our buddies and supporter Allen Ron and his MKVI Golf bagged on RS’. Tucked away a couple rows behind our booth was James Liantonio with his bagged MKVI Golf R on a set of WCI’s. We also had the pleasure of having two booth cars, both owned by some pretty awesome people. Our first car is a MKVII GTI owned by Michael DiPietro bagged on Vossen wheels. I must say, even though I’m not a huge fan of Vossens, I absolutely loved Mike’s set up. Our other booth car was a MKIV R32 owned by Christine Toolsie which was also bagged and sitting on a set of WCI wheels. Without these two folks as booth cars, we honestly may have not received as much publicity as we had originally thought.

IMG_5231-29IMG_5214-28IMG_5114-5  IMG_5269-35IMG_5190-24IMG_5140-14IMG_5144-15IMG_5266-34

Now the only reason I say that is because NuroTag is primarily a Japanese Domestic and U.S. Domestic car show. I can’t tell you the level of Nissan Skylines and Silvia’s that came out in attendance. I literally saw every generation of Skyline, besides the Hokosuka at he event. But then again, this was the first year that the event was also trying to pull out the European people out of their hidden hideouts in Miami. And for their first time trying to cater to European guys, I must say they did not disappoint. Hell I was able to see my very first Lamborghini Huracan, I even saw 2 Land Rover Defenders. If you’re not Land Rover savvy, just know that just like the vast majority of GTR’s at the the event, the Defender is also illegal in the U.S. Of course there was your token Audi R8, a 964, and a couple other VAG cars; but the vast majority of European vehicles at the event were BMW’s.

IMG_5110-3 IMG_5189-23IMG_5157-18 IMG_5161-19

All in all, NuroTag was a great event and an awesome opportunity for us to continue to get our name out there. We would like to thank all of the NuroTag staff for actually putting on a quite organized event. We look forward to seeing if the event ends up coming up to Central Florida this year, that way we can really shut it down with our community and show that it’s an event for all makes and models. We would also like to give a huge shout out to both of our booth car owners, if it wasn’t for you guys we probably wouldn’t of had any booth cars period! Thanks to everyone who purchased any stickers, shirts, or any other merchandise we had on sale! We hope to see you all at the next big event here in Florida!

IMG_5126-11IMG_5125-10 IMG_5202-26IMG_5111-4IMG_5251-32 IMG_5293-37 IMG_5301-38

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Words by Sean O’Connor @smokeysama

Photos by Alexander Martinez

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@guzzzam – Alexander Martinez

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