WaterWerks – Las Vegas, Nevada


A lot of people in the European Car Scene only know of one major show in Las Vegas, the Wuste European Car Festival.  However, they are no longer the only show in Vegas.  On March 29th, WaterWerks brought their show all the way from the Pacific Northwest to host the first annual WaterWerks Las Vegas at the Boulder Station Hotel.  European Car Enthusiasts from Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington came to attend the event.  A number of participants even had the opportunity to be a part of Stancewars’ Top 100 show which took place the day before.


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I arrived at the show with my cousin and my friend at around 9:30am.  Since the show did not officially start until 12pm, this gave everyone a chance to complete some last minute prep and detailing.  For my uncle that meant buying some fold out chairs, an EZ-UP, and some drinks, because it was in the high 80s and it’s dry heat out in Vegas.  So shoutout to my uncle for hooking it up; we would have been baking out there in the sun.

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Beautifully done B8 A4 with fender flares and an LLTtek front bumper.

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This guy made the trek all the way from Washington in his static MK1 Rabbit, no trailer either.  That’s pretty incredible.

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Pretty sweet e38 740iL.  I believe the owner bought it only about a month or so before the show.  He just dropped it, put wheels on it, and tinted it.  Clean and simple.

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Liberty Walk e92 M3 on Accuair.

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Did not expect to see a Seat Leon Cupra at the show so it was a nice surprise.

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This MkK2 GTI ended up winning best of the show and it was definitely well deserved!  The 16v engine had individual throttle bodies that sounded awesome.  Other details included OZ Futuras and a very clean interior.

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The owner of this B6 A4 won best wheels for his HRE’s.

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APR represented out here at the show and brought the brand new MK7 Golf R.

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Everyone all lined up for the limbo contest.

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Congrats to the static VR6 Corrado for winning the limbo contest!

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These guys definitely knew what was up.  They brought a homemade “Battle Shots” board to the show.  Someone needs to make one of these for Sowo!

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Audi of Henderson brought their S3 build that sat on a set of Rotiform wheels and was equipped with KW coilovers.  I love the design on this car as it pays homage to the 1988 Audi 200 Quattro that raced in the IMSA Trans-Am series.  Honestly might have been my favorite car there.  Completely stunning.

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As the show came to a close, I was exhausted.  I wasn’t able to stop and eat lunch because I was all over the place taking pictures.  I was able to snag a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts though.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the event and cannot wait for next year.  Shoutout to the WaterWerks team for putting on the show and all the sponsors.  I look forward to attending WaterWerks on the Bay 2015 at the end of summer.

Photos and Words by Ayrton Cinco

If sharing photos please follow and credit us and our photographer:


@mynameisayrt0n – Ayrton Cinco

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