No Dough 2015 – Port Orange, Florida

Once again No Dough returned to Port Orange, Florida for another year and this year with a theme; 80’s theme. No Dough is an event created by Volkswagen enthusiast for Volkswagen enthusiast. While this event is primarily air-cooled base, you do see some well built water-cooled Volkswagen.  This event brings you back to the roots for what Volkswagen events where created for and what being an Volkswagen enthusiast is all about.

16506572814_0e0317b27a_o 16506608624_b58b8558d9_o 16508885663_b3a58f0a2c_o 16921785507_a4fde149b5_o 16941218468_4a80bf6438_o 16941249868_a782f70203_o 16941475150_107b3ddff5_o 16941483490_455fe18c74_o 16941487770_ce2a919411_o 16941526480_d66afa0e24_o 16942820409_1ea8718aa2_o 17127470792_fe90d849f4_o 17127487872_c83dc1a661_o 17127504342_29723d7a2f_o 17128424211_1cb8e1758b_o 17129008975_e1c23ebcc6_o 17129042145_c274fa1789_o

Photo coverage by Cole Young @cole__young

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