Motor 4 Toys – Woodland Hills, California

Cars, enthusiasts, toys, and holiday cheer came together for the 11th Annual Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show and Toy Drive on the morning of December 7th, 2014.  Presented by The Auto Gallery Los Angeles, Coastline, and Fiat in Woodland Hills, California.  Car enthusiasts from all over California came to show their support, with approximately over 2,000 cars and 5,000 people in attendance.  A group of 100 members, one of the many sponsors of the event, even drove down to Los Angeles from the Northern California the day before.  Other sponsors included HRE Wheels, Audi Club of Los Angeles, and California Car Cover Co.

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Tag Motorsports came to play and brought some of their builds, all of which sat on HREs, like all of the cars in the section.  All of Tag Motorsports builds were impressive and stood out to me amongst the other cars at the event.

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Motor 4 Toys was started 10 years ago by Dustin Troyan at his coffee shop called Village Coffee Roaster.  Initially, Troyan organized and held Sunday car meets, called SuperCar Sunday, that were held in Woodland Hills.  As the 2004 holiday season approached, he came up with the idea of having a toy drive at his meets, so he invited friends, family, and all of the usual attendants to bring toys to donate for underprivileged children.  He publicized the event to everyone he knew and thus Motor 4 Toys was born.  That first year they raised 3,400 toys in four hours and every year since, the amount of donations has increased.

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This year’s goal was 60,000 toys and that amount was easily achieved.  As of pressed time, the total amount has not been released.

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A gorgeous Vollkommen body kit on the new F80 BMW M3.

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The Liberty Walk Porsche 997 was absolutely stunning.

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This Porsche 997 GT3 built by LT Motorwerks and Vollkommen Design was hands down my favorite car at the show.

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While the 997 GT3 was my favorite build at the show, Allroad Outfitters’ Audi B8 S4 was an extremely close second.  Allroad Outfitters’ outstanding attention to detail was evident through the fender flares and the front lip.

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This was the first time seeing the Alfa Romeo 4C in person and she was a beauty.  If Alfa Romeo was to bring over more models to the States, it would be much appreciated by European car enthusiasts.

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The Porsche 993 is my favorite bodystyle of the Carreras; I even have a Hot Wheel of the GT2 sitting on my desk at home.

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, was not able to bring my car down to SoCal for the event.  Unfortunately, I was forced to bring my mom’s Toyota Camry instead.  But on the upside, the Camry does get awesome gas mileage.  Since I was missing my Mk3 Volkswagen Jetta, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these Mk3s on the way out.

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Overall, it was a fantastic event.  Nearly everyone at the show was ecstatic to be a part of the cause.  The small Sunday car meets that Dustin Troyan started in 2004 have evolved into an enormous gathering of car enthusiasts that also give back to the community.  A special thank you to Dustin, Motor 4 Toys, The Auto Gallery Los Angeles,, Fiat, and everyone else who helped make this event possible.  Motor 4 Toys was truly a wonderful event that reminded all attendance what the Christmas season is all about.

Photos and words by Ayrton Cinco

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