Down to Earth – Ivan’s MK4 Jetta

Although the MK4 platform is highly popular in the water cooled society, there are still many ways to make it stand out as a unique car. Ivan did just that, with his new OZ Futura wheels giving his Jetta the perfect look.


Finding the perfect set of wheels takes time, dedication, and, for a quality set of wheels, money. One has to decide if they want to tuck 20″ wheels as far into their fender as possible, or if they want to fit 18″ wheels lip-to-fender, and making sure they fit just right is key. Ivan was spot on with his Futuras, taking every last detail into consideration.

Ivan's_MK4_DE_02 Ivan's_MK4_DE_03

His MK4 sits lip-to-fender thanks to his air ride suspension, and the wheels still look just as good when he’s on the move. Aside from the wheels, Ivan has added little touches that really flow well with his Jetta. His headlight covers and badgeless grille give the front of his car a clean look, while his shaved trunk and all red taillights continue the simple and clean character.

Ivan's_MK4_DE_08 Ivan's_MK4_DE_11

As far as the MK4 platform goes, some people think that everything has already been done. From wheels to paint, even to motor swaps, there are a lot of unique builds out there. You just need to find what makes your build right in your own eyes, and remember that your car is for you, not for everyone else.

Ivan's_MK4_DE_04 Ivan's_MK4_DE_07 Ivan's_MK4_DE_10

Photo and Words by Mason Hatchman

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