WinterFest 2014 – Tampa, Florida

If you haven’t noticed by now, Florida offers year round car events. In bidding farewell to 2014, the crew from I Love Driving Slow held WinterFest at the Tampa Executive Airport.


Although it was cold and early, the sun rising above the tree line accompanied by the thick fog that lingered over the winding back roads leading to the Airport got us amped for the event. Upon arrival, photographers were positioning cars in front of the backdrop of that beautiful morning scene as all of the early birds rolled in.

ILDS Winter Fest 2014-18-18

WInterFest is the second event that I Love Driving Slow hosts annually, but this one had a special purpose.  Being that it was right before Christmas, they were accepting and providing donations for Toys for Tots in order for all those little ones to have a brighter Christmas morning.

ILDS Winter Fest 2014-2-2

The location of this event was truly a great setup for photos and flow of cars. By 12 p.m. parking reached its capacity, showing how immensely this event has grown since its debut in 2011. Every make and model could be found here, predominantly JDM cars but you could find some European cars showcasing their builds.

eIMG_9637-26 eIMG_9652-27 eIMG_9815-49

We were the odd ball in this event being the only European specific vendor but that did not scare us. We brought out two well put together cars, one being George’s Passat CC and the other one Dj’s MK3 Golf GTI.

ILDS Winter Fest 2014-10-10ILDS Winter Fest 2014-8-8ILDS Winter Fest 2014-33-33ILDS Winter Fest 2014-35-35ILDS Winter Fest 2014-36-36eIMG_9444-9

Midway through the event, a huge crowd began to form in front of the main stage where Hip-Hop dancers battled each other as the DJ spun.

eIMG_9567-20ILDS Winter Fest 2014-39-39 ILDS Winter Fest 2014-48-48 ILDS Winter Fest 2014-52-52 ILDS Winter Fest 2014-59-59

WinterFest had a lot to offer from free cotton candy, raffles, dancing battles and the some of the hottest cars in Florida, even some that traveled from out of state.

collage1-68 eIMG_9660-28

Always love seeing Allen’s MK6 Golf.

ILDS Winter Fest 2014-80-80 ILDS Winter Fest 2014-81-81

George caught Mr. Ginger himself, James on his MK5 R32.

ILDS Winter Fest 2014-19-19eIMG_9480-13 eIMG_9870-57

Awesome BMW E28 at the Forge Booth.


2014 was a great year for Dub Empire, it was the year of the new Empire, new image and a bigger family, but 2015 will be even better. Very happy that we closed the year at WinterFest and a big thanks to the I Love Driving Slow staff for allowing us to be a part of this event as well letting us be a part of the family.

Make sure to catch us at Euro Tripper 3 this coming February 7th, for more information please head over to there website @

Photos by Elisabeth Danger and George Malioras


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