Canibeat “First Class Fitment” 5 – Princeton, New Jersey

As I sat on the couch the thought of spending more money on gas and taking the chance of my car not making the journey to First Class Fitment, the day started rough say to say the least. I jumped on Instagram, and already First Class Fitment pictures were already popping up on my feed. I sat there not wanting go, then out of no where I get a fire under my ass to grab my camera bag, to quit being a baby and get on the road. I got all my things together and set off, still not entirely convinced, but I already had a ticket, why not right?

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I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me and everything was smooth sailing making there around 12:30. As soon as I rolled into the Princeton Airport, my stomached dropped seeing an Mitsubishi Evo X that had as much money in body attachments as I had in my entire car. It looked as if it were about to enter a time attack and eat every corner alive.

15402544547_8b134eecbf_o-68 15411050009_00584e26aa_o-49 15411551158_028784f6cd_o-51 15412017150_a6b44d86f9_o-71 15412046050_906f97583b_o-53

I walk into the show grounds and was instantly overwhelmed. Some of the most cleanliness cars I have ever seen. I walked around for hours with my camera almost never stopping, I couldn’t believe some of the cars there. Multiple BMW E30 M3’s, tons of bagged Volkswagen’s, Nissan S15 Silvia’s, Nissan R34 Skyline’s. ( excuse my soft spot for japanese cars )

15401926589_7e9e58b440_o-71 15412021750_8f4933d19a_o-69 15412057730_6b14c4c3e6_o-45 15573966486_139e1d9763_o-60 15587483325_b12629a4a1_o-60 15588356872_e86bb0e488_o-48

The show was extremely laid back, everyone was hanging out, listening to the multiple dj’s having a good time. The environment was awesome being at an airport. The main booth was in a hanger itself and there were planes taking off all day. It was by far the coolest layout of a show I had seen. So many photo opportunities.

15401407448_c757246eeb_o-44 15412031470_fbc24dca86_o-62 15588379292_38ff795928_o-39 15594986281_af762fb9ed_o-57 15597636655_a2e3b71d10_o-63

I left that day not regretting one bit that I had pushed myself to go. It really was a very well put together event and I hope I can attend more like it.

Photos and Words by Chris Lunau   @ceelunau

View entire set on our Flickr by clicking here.

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