H20 International 2014 – Ocean City, Maryland

Once a year every year, there is a few days you look forward to as the year begins to wind down. It’s not Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even Halloween, but H2Oi. I myself have been going for probably seven years now, and the end of September is always highlighted on the calendar.


Over the years, things have become a little more kaiotic, but more diverse than they ever have been. This has boiled the blood of many die hards over the years but it’s not a horrible change. Although this year everything was almost 2/1 everything else to Volkswagen/Audis, I didn’t find myself completely upset. It was nice seeing other things beside Jetta’s and GTI’s all night long on the strip. I mean that’s what the show is for right?


This year was entertaining to say the least. H2Oi never disappoints and always leaves me wanted more, whether its to wanting to see my friends again sooner or the inspiration that is bar none that drives you through your winter build.

15233753269_d1d00de5d1_o-46 15233821620_a9e10acf3c_o-51 15233898218_4fb9008a80_o-59 15233900898_df4ba59325_o-60 15233906628_6931c4ca61_o-61 15233916097_b29fb6a7a9_o-62 15397461536_170de7fcc6_o-75 15420452455_5e6652bcf7_o-96

I may not have gotten as many pictures as I would have liked, but it wasn’t because I didn’t have my camera, it was because I found myself soaking in the good times, rather than trying to capture it. Some things just can’t be caught, and I guess H2Oi might be one of those animals for me. As long as I have the itch for modding cars, I will be attending H2Oi every year that my pocket book allows me.

15233954068_0804de7caa_o-66 15233979907_1139efd67a_o-69 15233991707_68f7310242_o-70 15397485066_3a5f11fdeb_o-76 15420391085_c817fc165e_o-93

Photos and Words by Chris Lunau @ceelunau

View entire set on our Flickr by clicking here.

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