Players 8 – North Weald, Essex

Well if it isn’t that time of the year again, The Players Ball (well Players Show 8). The almost perfect way to draw a close to the show season over here in the UK. For me what was a 4am start trying to wake my girlfriend up, turned into one of the best shows I’ve been to!


I travelled down with a local group of friends in a fairly mixed bunch: 3 Beetles, a MK2 Jetta, a MK4 Golf, a MK1 Polo, my MK2F Polo, a Polo 9N GTI, a Seat Leon and finally a Miata. As we rolled into the area which Players 8 was held in, we quickly knew that we was in the right place as we was then tucked behind a group of E36’s. Which then formed into a very long queue of all German cars (a few non German, but we’ll ignore those for now), from 964’s, E30 M3’s, several Mk1’s, and everything else in between.

15181410850_50cc359d68_o 15181448049_879490edbf_o 15181546998_57887d0255_o

The queue into the show grounds had a surreal atmosphere about it, you know most of the cars that surround you, you’ve seen them on Facebook, you’ve read their build threads, you’ve possibly even seen them for sale in various ‘project car’ stages. As you drive past each other exchanging compliments and brief conversation, along with the occasional “LOWER IT!” because I wasn’t on bags…

15181642580_3c5c8d2f24_o 15181676828_8844d98590_o 15181756067_1c4367469b_o

It’s safe to say that there was a huge turnout for Players with my girlfriend turning to me and saying “I’ve counted at least £1,000,000 worth of wheels, and we’ve only been here for 15 minutes”.

15345134576_420fda83a7_o 15345243776_6a221c05f1_o 15367973592_65efde5553_o

We tried to travel around the show and at some points it was almost impossible to do that, you’d think for a mile long airstrip that you’d have enough space for the best of the best cars in the UK? Well you’re wrong! It was so easy to become overwhelmed by some of the sites you’d see. The ridiculous static lows that we saw must be respected, especially as most of them were on daily’s! But it cannot be ignored that the most prevailing thing this year is air ride, I don’t think there was many, if at all none of the cars in the hangers that were not on bags.


To be frank there was a few let downs of the show, there was a large amount of non VAG cars, now I know that BMW’s have become accepted but I feel that there was far too many Fords and Vauxhall’s there which in our eyes ruined the show slightly because at heart it is a VAG/German car show, but hey we can easily forget them right? We know what we’re there for so it’s no big deal.

15368286535_c721dcfc78_o15181501988_d0d434255f_o  15368324585_7b671c6ce8_o15181429328_e2c41f6acd_o 15181500097_e4a2f70d23_o 15181583917_4722f7c2aa_o15365070721_40d31ef613_o15365108791_94d9c4c875_o

Photos and Words by Samm Smith @lordminion

View entire set on our Flickr by clicking here.

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