Field Werks 2014 – Ludlow, Massachusetts

Field Werks is a free car show put on by a small group of friends from Western Massachusetts, currently running for 3 years strong. The show started on the notion that a car show should be fun, and no notion of who is allowed to go. Some of the vendors of this years show included Foundation Blue, Fitment Werks, and Morini Performance. This show pulls a huge crowd thanks to the fact that it’s free to show your car and spectate. People from all over New England came down to Ludlow Massachusetts to have good times with good friends. It started off as a chilly Sunday in September at the Elks Lodge in Ludlow Mass. When my girlfriend and I pulled in, already the back fence and tree line were filling up quickly and it was only a matter of time before the show field was packed. Field Werks was a great show and sort of a nice preamble to those of us from New England making the trip down to Ocean City for H2Oi.


Joey Spooner: For as long as I’ve known Joey he’s been a good kid with a lot of passion and drive into his build., This shot I have here is of his 1979 Westmoreland Rabbit, Pennsylvania built, 66k original miles on a 1.5l gas 4 speed. Currently sitting on MK2 13 inch widened steelies. He also is doing a really sweet MK3 VRT build into his GTI from high school, can’t wait to see that finished up. Joey has always had a tight knit group of friends, that has been together since elementary school. Now adults, they still keep in close contact and hang out often and they use the name Parkman, to associate themselves back to where it all began.


Rob Russo: The surf green Cabrio. This build has been a work in progress for 6 months and Rob Russo pulled it off in style. I also really dig the vento grille he’s got going on with the heckblende in the back. Sets him apart from other cabrios for sure. I applaud you Rob, nicely done.

IMG_9519-38 IMG_9520-50

Billy Stohlman: This guy has had an interesting season to say the least. After Honda Day, he had an unfortunate run in with a pick-up but that didn’t stop him. He had it back on the road in 5 hours, but he had a helping hand. Billy and his brother John straightened out the radiator support and got him rolling again same day. Billy took the peoples choice award at Field Werks 2014, interesting how a Honda wins a euro peoples choice but goes to show you how great our community is. Billy and John are a part of a group that has taken the scene by storm and pushing boundaries on cars is what these guys do. I am simply talking of Reallow-The Real Hood Rat Status, now gone international with connections in Thailand. These dudes are all about laying frame and having a good time. The state side members of Reallow-HRS (the ones i know of at least) include, the Stohlman brothers, Jake Looney, Matty Lane, Doug Weidner and Mike DeMarco. I know I’m missing some people and I apologize for that, but just those 6 dudes push the limits on their cars and bring a new meaning to form over function.



Fitment Werks By Ryan Cove: Fitment Werks is a growing company specializing in photography, vehicle modifications, custom parts, and automotive inspired apparel. We pride ourselves in being different and not driven by financial gain like many other exclusive clubs or companies. We do all of our work ourselves. My 1982 VW Rabbit convertible was found not running in a garage and I revived it at a young 147k miles. We’ve kept everything original except for the suspension, wheels, and the updated convertible top. Both Rabbit suspension setups are exactly the same, including Raceland coilovers, custom strut mount risers and drop plates in the rear. We purchased 15×8 ET25 Avid-1 mesh style wheels. With all the low, the convertible needed shortened axles to prevent the binding.


We traded the 1983 Rabbit from one of the organizers of the Field Werks show, got it running great and completed a bunch of custom work to it. It started off with a 1.7 liter, a webber 32 36 carburetor, the stock dash and the stock front and rear seats. The Rabbit had one purpose in life and that was to be turned into a ratchet Rabbit. We took the stock seats out welded in support rails  and a rat rod style half cage in the rear for the new bride seats. Getting the (13×7 13×8) wheels to fit required a little pulling of the fenders. Ok, a lot of pulling and extending the control arms and tie rods 1/2″. With the frame rails being only 1/4″ of the ground the oil pan wasn’t going to last long. So I made a short oil pan and oil pump. The oil cooler on the front is 100% functional to replace what oil capacity I took from the short pan. The night before Field Werks me and my friend Boog decided to add a new feature to it and chop the roof off for a nice view of the sky! This is my daily driver through the winter. She never let’s me down, and always puts a smile on my face when I get in the drivers seat.


Field Werks was a great show, filled with great people, and great cars. This has been a glance at what the New England scene has to offer, hope you enjoyed!


Photos and Words by Kevin Miller, Fitmentwerks paragraph by Ryan Cove

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