Ashley’s Beetle – A Testament to European Style

There’s always been a feeling surrounding Beetles when it comes to us Dub aficionados, is it the shape? The age? The fact that its air-cooled? The history? To this day and age I’m still not sure despite having a bug in the family. They honestly don’t call it the bug for nothing…Once you get into them they really do infect you and take over you, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Ashley’s bug… I guess to start you need to know a little bit about Ashley really. He’s a tattoo artist from England, very friendly and lively and realistic. And here you’ll find his beloved Beetle Bam Bam. Now personally I’ve followed Ashley and Bam Bam since day one of the build and it is lovely to see a car that is not only a reflection of the owner, but an extension of their personality. To me that is exactly what Ashley’s relationship is with Bam Bam.


Ashley brought Bam Bam back just over a year ago after wanting one his whole life “Always been into beetles, been hitting the shows since I was about 4 years old and I’ve always wanted a beetle instead off a camper”.


Bam Bam managed to stand out from the rest of the crowd to me in terms as Beetles as she’s not excessively ratted but not overly fully restored, but more of a perfect balance in-between the two. Sure she’s a little rugged with some patina and some common rat look features, but she still has some nicely tucked up polished lips under those arches. To mention more about her, by this point you’ve probably already made the assumption that it’s on air? Well I can honestly tell you that it is not, in fact it was on air at one stage (funny enough that it was higher aired out that it is now). But yes, Bam Bam is static! You may find this hard to believe but just deal with that fact because I does somewhat baffle me at times as well.


With some pretty little details added such as some chrome trims (cable tied on of course) and a safari front window, pin striping and a collection of miscellaneous items in the back (including a vintage coca-cola case), in addition to a lot of modifications to the underside in order to be that low statically, the bay and engine have also received a nice tidy up. She’s fully packed with features that carry on making her so unique compared to all of the other bugs out there, and hopefully as the build progresses (as lets face it, when is a build ever really done?)  Ashley says “There’s A lot off plans for the future, mainly new wheels but the rest is a secret aha”.

15067481825_4162092057_o-49DSC_0060-44DSC_0211-2-42Photos and Words by Samm Smith

View entire set on our Flickr by clicking here.

Follow Samm Smith on Instagram at @lordminion and also on Flickr at SammJoey Photography


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