Waterweks on the Bay – Richmond, California

Waterwerks on the Bay is an event hosted by Waterwerks Event Production which they host many European specific car events throughout the West Coast. This event in particular is located on the north side of the bay, just across San Francisco in Richmond, CA in the old Ford assembly plant and home of Rosy the Riveter museum.

Coverage from Mason Hatchman, see more by clicking here “Full Coverage”.

wwotb_43wwotb_44wwotb_03wwotb_04wwotb_08wwotb_14wwotb_28wwotb_30wwotb_34wwotb_36wwotb_38wwotb_47wwotb_57wwotb_58wwotb_60wwotb_68wwotb_71wwotb_76Coverage from Ayrton Cinco, see more by clicking here “Full Coverage”.

14879394578_29177e0685_o14879397938_f04b1e9c02_o14879252949_99d4cbc407_o 14879309000_a514078f84_o14879409607_177784633f_o14879262769_7fc36a47cd_o 14879428688_9410763515_o 14879436777_9105334fe9_o 14879439068_1112063f14_o  14881446929_87e501b456_o 14881451129_bd8f758223_o  14881596307_b95562bd9c_o14881597877_5449e4a88a_o15043008626_4bf05a70fa_o15043024516_fc25443ef2_o15062974271_2b7f53eaf7_o15062976131_48cdbaef5c_o14881506800_4ab4ef9b4d_o


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