The Labor Day Drop – Jamie’s B6 A4

Ah, Saturday morning. For most people, you sleep in and wake up sometime around sunset. Or if you still live under your parents roof it means getting up to do all the chores you haven’t done throughout the week. But for us here at DE!, it means getting up at the ass crack of dawn to shoot one of the most photogenic cars in Orlando. We’ll give you guys a breakdown of our day, talk about one of the friendliest/most humble person in the scene, and get into the specifics of his gorgeous Audi A4. So without further adue, lets jump into the ‘Labor Day Drop’ with our friend, Jaime Soto.


Hailing from the US Virgin Islands is 34 year old Jaime Soto, a man who is also deep within the Orlando European car scene and runs a local group called ‘Lowered Innovations’. But Jaime has made friends with car people in general and appreciates all makes and models no matter what it is. We met up with Jaime around 9 off of Semoran Blvd before embarking our journey downtown to snag some amazing photos. Tagging along with Jaime was his son, riding shot gun with his pop. It was awesome to see a father and son enjoying an early Saturday morning just hanging out chatting about cars. It was like a scene out of a movie where a dad teaches his son all he needs to know about cars, and the kid hanging out with the older guys. I’ll be surprised if one day his son doesn’t like European cars, I mean after all Jaime comes from owning a variety of VAG cars. He attributes it to his dad, owning a 57′ OVAL window Beetle and many more after that. Jaime himself has gone through a 6 VAG cars before the Audi we see today. After rolling down the 408, snagging some amazing rolling shots, we arrived downtown and began the day. First shoot was underneath the I4 bridge that runs parallel to downtown. Even in shadows Jaime’s car came out fantastic in photos. But the real treat to our day was the fact that Church Street was shut down due to an event being hosted near by. So what better to do than park in the middle of the street and taking some of the greatest shots ever. But after nearly being run over by an Amtrak train, we decided to head towards Mills and shoot along side an amazing graffiti wall. Which by the way, if anyone knows the artist, please thank him/her for their amazing work. It made for some fantastic photos!

14921032730_aea18b10d0_o-48 14921092247_2c62d7ca8f_o-38 15107661065_452a6ff81b_o-44IMG_0117-38IMG_0215-57IMG_0237-61

I know we’ve said this a lot but like all the other people we have featured on this blog, Jaime is true to the VAG culture. Piecing together parts that are not as commonly found as so many of us try to do. A good example is the Sportec bumpers on his A4, a set which not to many people have, and what sets his car apart from most others. Or maybe it’s the 3 piece CCW Classic 5’s IN 18 x 10 all around, a set which most of us have not seen considering most people purchase the two piece counter parts and rarely place them on Audi’s. Perhaps it’s the BMW Silver Metallic paint that makes the car absolutely photogenic no matter what the outside lighting or where the location is. Then there’s the interior with the black leather S4 seats which look like a dream to ride in, while also casting just the right amount of contrast to make the white CCW’s pop. And if you think the car’s all show and no go, then “your gonna have a bad time”. The 1.8T is tuned by Unitronics Stage 2 software, an AWE full exhaust with a RaceWerks down-pipe, and an Exedy Stage 1 clutch and flywheel. Everything that Jaime has done to the car has made it unique and added a bit of flavor to make sure that it stands out from the crowd. Something that we have a strong love for.

15104649961_c5524f1a01_o-50 14921097218_c45d11d3a5_o-49 15084674646_ea92ba3e95_o-42IMG_0132-44

Jaime bought the car from a guy who had it sitting in his garage, primer paint and all. After doing a bit of finessing to get the guy to let go of it, he then transferred parts off of his current A4 to the new car. Jaime lowered the car by sourcing his air management from AirLift, Mason Tech front struts, universal rear bags, and dual (yes two) Viair 440 compressors. The coolest part is probably the fact that his girlfriend built the rear setup herself! You can’t deny how cool it is that his whole family is not only into cars, but also helps out with his. According to Jaime the car is for sale, but according to his son it’s not for sale. And if I were you, I’d take the kids word for it as he seemed pretty adamant about not letting his dad get rid of it. But at the end of the day we are so appreciative to be good friends with Jaime and have the privilege to shoot this amazing car, and hang out with such a humble person. Make sure to check out Jaime on Instagram @droptimus, he’s always showing love to everyone no matter what make or model or who you may be.

IMG_0279-4314921112928_e8201de1fe_o-43Words by Sean O’Connor

Photos by George Malioras and Alexander Martinez

Click here to view George’s entire set on Flickr

Click here to view Alex’s enitre set on Flickr

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