Euro Tripper 2 – Estero, Florida

Well 2 moths ago, February 8th to be exact, we took a break from Central Florida and decided to head down south. The Event, Euro Tripper 2, hosted by Paul Barney and his team has become annual. This wasn’t our first rodeo at the Euro Tripper event, last year was the very first event also held in Estero, Florida at the Germain Arena.


The event being held in February, which most of the country would consider winter, was accompanied by amazing weather and a plethora of outstanding cars. Its crazy to think what Florida cars winter mode looks like, compared to those of our good friends up north.

Everything European was at Euro Tripper, from an air cooled Notch-back to a diesel Mercedes and even a couple of Saab’s. Like a great majority of the shows around the country, Euro Tripper was not just a car show. It’s a great time to catch up friends, see great vendors and also give back to the community.  All of the proceeds were given to the Brooks Legacy Animal Shelter to help with any of their needs.





Compared to last year, this event was bigger and better, with a larger lot that had double the cars. As usual a lot of vendors and people with a big smile on their face. Euro Tripper showed what the European community is all about, gathering together no matter what European make or model you have and appreciating the cars that were built. And good lord were there some exquisite cars. I mean just look at some of the ones we have posted here. From Alex Bukalo’s immaculate M3, Chris Weyer’s stunning bagged MK6 R, and our very own Greg Barned’s MKIII Jetta Christine. There were so many quality cars it was hard to keep our eyes on just one.




We would also like to thank the entire Euro Tripper team for giving us the trophy for Best Club. While we do not consider ourselves a club, but more of a family. We do however, greatly appreciate the award and would like to congratulate all the other winners this year.


Words by Alexander Martinez

Photos by Jonathan Nieves and Chris Ingraham

Video by Chris Ingraham


To view Jonathan Nieves photos CLICK HERE

To view Chris Ingraham photos CLICK HERE

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