V2LAB’s “Mystery Meat 2” – Orlando, Florida

Not many cities throughout the United States get the pleasure to have car show right in the heart of downtown, but the City of Orlando has made that possible for a second year in a row. Put together by Ravi and Xavier Hill, from Versiontwo Laboratory, their hard work paid off by bringing in about 7,000 cars and well over 10,000 people in attendance.

Cars from every make and model were in Downtown Orlando for this event. There was a wide variety of cars including drift cars, super cars, Honda’s, Volkswagen’s and much more. This event wasn’t just all about cars like other shows, that was just part of it. They tried to focus on the culture of all kinds of car enthusiasts and bringing everyone together, from sneaker heads to graffiti artists.

We would again like to thank the entire Versiontwo crew for the very well organized event they put together in our hometown. The weather held up pretty nicely which made it that much better. Make sure to check out Versiontwo Laboratory @ v2lab.com

To view our full photo coverage head over to our Flickr, CLICK HERE

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